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gem install – error : Connection reset by peer

sudo gem install cocoapods

ERROR:  Could not find a valid gem ‘cocoapods’ (>= 0), here is why:

          Unable to download data from – Errno::ECONNRESET: Connection reset by peer – SSL_connect (

上面这个错误可能是由于GFW引起了, 所以把source rubygems.org改成baobao.com就可以了

$ gem sources --remove
$ gem sources -a
$ gem sources -l


php null empty


The special NULL value represents a variable with no value. NULL is the only possible value of type null.

A variable is considered to be null if:

  • it has been assigned the constant NULL.

  • it has not been set to any value yet.

  • it has been unset().


emptyDetermine whether a variable is empty


bool empty ( mixed $var )

Determine whether a variable is considered to be empty. A variable is considered empty if it does not exist or if its value equals FALSE. empty() does not generate a warning if the variable does not exist.

Returns FALSE if var exists and has a non-empty, non-zero value. Otherwise returns TRUE.

The following things are considered to be empty:

  • “” (an empty string)
  • 0 (0 as an integer)
  • 0.0 (0 as a float)
  • “0” (0 as a string)
  • NULL
  • array() (an empty array)
  • $var; (a variable declared, but without a value)

how to assign var to php template view file

    the function below demo how to assign var to php template view file
    public function renderInternal($_viewFile_,$_data_=null,$_return_=false)
		// we use special variable names here to avoid conflict when extracting data
			return ob_get_clean();

watir takes long time to set long string, watir要很长的时间设置长字符串

watir is great, though if you want to set long string to text field or textarea,

it may take a long long time to finish it when you use statement as

$browser.text_field(:name => "comment").set('long long ...... string ...')
fortunately, you can use this statement to avoid it, it is fast to set the long string with watir
$browser.text_field(:name => "comment").value = ($comments)
watir是个不错的东东,但如果你用set方法去设置一个很长的字条串的话, 那就可能需要很长的时间才能执行完这个语句,
不用担心你可以用直接设置value的值, 这样就很快了, 根本不用等待,就执行完成了

安装watir gem install watir 出了好多错

安装watir   gem install watir 出了好多错

例如:too many connection resets

SocketError: getaddrinfo:

Unable to resolve dependencies:

the installation aborts because of the network issue, but i don’t know why, the only thing i can do is that retry over and over again, it finally install successfully,  below is my retry history

但有时好像又可以进行下去, 可能是由于网络的原因, 中途会失败,也不知道是为什么, 只能一次一次进重试,最终还是成功啦, 花了不少时间

C:\Users\guangjun>gem install watir
ERROR:  While executing gem … (Gem::RemoteFetcher::FetchError)
too many connection resets (

C:\Users\guangjun>gem install watir
ERROR:  While executing gem … (Gem::RemoteFetcher::FetchError)
SocketError: getaddrinfo: No such host is known.  (

C:\Users\guangjun>gem system –update
ERROR:  While executing gem … (RuntimeError)
Unknown command system

C:\Users\guangjun>gem update –system
Latest version currently installed. Aborting.
C:\Users\guangjun>gem install watir –no-ri –no-rdoc
Fetching: windows-pr-1.2.0.gem (100%)Fetching: windows-pr-1.2.0.gem
Fetching: win32-process-0.6.5.gem (100%)
Fetching: xml-simple-1.0.15.gem (100%)
Fetching: hoe-2.9.4.gem ( 37%)ERROR:  While executing gem … (Gem::RemoteFetc
too many connection resets (
.gem) Continue reading 安装watir gem install watir 出了好多错